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Living in HOpe

Behind every mental illness there is a person. Hear their stories. Witness the strength of the human character.

“The acute symptoms of a mental illness can effectively hijack a person’s interaction with the world around them. Knowing their history, their personality, and coping style helps untangle the symptoms and allows them to regain their life.”
Dr. Allan Burgmann, Medical Manager of Acute Psychiatry at the HOpe Centre.

We’re all somewhere along a mental health continuum, with a balance that tips our scales to well or ill – can ‘deal’ or cannot ‘deal’. Why, then, is stigma attached to being mentally unwell? Is it because we feel somehow it’s the patients’ fault?

Living in HOpe is a documentary series offering an intimate, compassionate look into the world of mental health. It captures the drama of daily life at HOpe Centre through unprecedented access to patients and professionals. The films are driven by people dealing with realities of mental illness. Following journeys of patients and frontline practitioners the camera finds trauma, delight, and humanity in their stories. We get an empathetic peek into the world of a psychiatric facility, perhaps helping replace stigma and fear with understanding.

It’s a world observed honestly and openly, and by doing so provides patients with the respect and dignity their stories deserve.

Stranger Productions Inc.

Stranger Productions is a Canadian-based, boutique documentary film and production company that gives voice to people with stories to tell that will enrich and educate the lives of others. Their work includes School of Secrets, Liberia ‘77, A Stranger in Our Home, The Difference Makers and Shut Up and Say Something. Their work has been broadcast on Knowledge Network, CBC and internationally.

Project Details

Release Date November 6, 2018
Content Component(s) TV series, Website
Episode(s) 4 x 60 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Seniors
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Clinical Care, Mental Health
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