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Having Our Baby

Surrogacy is booming, but what is the impact on our ethics, our laws and the medical system in Canada? And most of all, how does this impact couples desperate to have a child?

Advances in medical technology and acceptance of gay marriage have fueled a surrogate baby boom in Canada.  Everyone makes money off the deal, except the surrogate moms themselves. It is illegal in Canada to pay a surrogate for her services. Having our Baby follows two childless couples and their surrogates as they navigate the legal and ethical challenges of this most intimate and contentious of transactions.

Surrogacy is a practice as old as the Bible but it’s only in the last 40 years that surrogacy – commercial and altruistic – has taken off. And in the past decade, it’s increased 400%.

Modern surrogacy is challenging ancient notions of birth and parenthood. The ethical challenges provoke world-wide debate. The answers are not simple. But for those who have yearned for a child they thought they’d never have, surrogacy is nothing short of a miracle.

Soapbox Productions Inc.

Soapbox Productions was formed in January 1990 when Nick Orchard returned from the UK after five years as Associate Producer for the popular serials “Eastenders” (BBC) and “Brookside” (Channel 4). Nick brought to Soapbox an extensive background in drama and TV series production, and the company’s first project was
four seasons of the acclaimed teen drama “Northwood”, an international co-production with the CBC and Sweden’s Sveriges Television. “Northwood” won numerous awards including the Silver Medal from the New York Festivals and the award of excellence from the Alliance for Children and Television.

Project Details

Release Date January 15, 2017
Content Component(s) TV One-Off, Website
Episode(s) 1 x 60 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Seniors
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Family Life
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Documentary, Website, Application

Three platforms to educate, empower and improve the quality of life of parents, caregivers and the new baby coming into this world

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Tv Series, Virtual Reality, Webisodes, Websites

Jean Lemire and the crew of the oceanographic sailing vessel Sedna IV measure the extent of the consequences of global warming, first in the Canadian Arctic and then along the gigantic St-Lawrence river that they criss-cross, looking for whalers and migratory routes of the largest animal of all time, the blue whale.

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