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Ghost BFF S1 & 2

Ghost BFF, a dark comedy about depression, follows two women, one alive, one dead, as they struggle to find themselves and right past wrongs following a suicide.

"I feel thrilled and privileged to be able to explore these complicated characters and help break barriers surrounding mental health. My hope is that Ghost BFF makes you want to hold your best friend close, be gentle with yourself, and if you have been affected by suicide, make you feel a little less alone.” –– Vanessa Matsui, creator/star, Ghost BFF

As once-BFFs, Tara and Amy were inseparable. Tara was a reckless musician; Amy, a talented painter who loved the feeling of freedom that came with being Tara’s partner in crime. As twenty-something’s, their friendship was pure, unadulterated fun. But everything changed when Tara, following a period of depression, killed herself. Leaving behind a shattered and heartbroken Amy.

Cut to present day: Tara has been dead for three years and Amy has seemingly moved on; she’s quit painting and is engaged to Mitchell, a nice, conservative guy. Brent (Tara’s ex) has left his band and is married to Tara’s nemesis, Brooklyn. While this has been taking place on Earth, Tara has been stuck floating in the ether, unable to move on. Suddenly, she finds herself back among the living and given the opportunity to find the closure she thinks she needs.

SEASON ONE begins with Amy and Mitchell announcing their engagement to Mitchell’s WASP-y parents. Mid-celebration, Tara appears, completely freaking Amy out. A bizarre reunion follows and Tara challenges Amy on her new life, her past decisions and her future. Amy is left with the stunned realization that not only is her now ghost-BFF back from the dead, but her past and future are about to collide. The tsunami that is Tara’s return forces both Amy and Tara to take a hard look in the mirror and question who they are and where they’re going.

SEASON TWO sees Amy newly single, broke and trying to find her footing in life after Tara came back from the dead in Season 1 and threw her life completely upside down. She’s offered a huge opportunity to regain some of her old independence and finally find success as a working artist when an ad firm hires her for a lucrative project, but the pressure leaves her creatively blocked and severely anxious. A trip to the ER reunites her with Tara, who is back on Earth to confront her deep-seated anger with her mother in a desperate attempt to stay out of purgatory. Both Amy and Tara find themselves at a major crossroads in their lives (or afterlife, in Tara’s case) and needing each other more than ever to become the people they want to be. Season 2 asks the question: Can a person really change? Or are we destined to stay forever stuck in a purgatory of our own making?

Babe Nation

Babe Nation Films is a Toronto-based boutique production company that champions female voices and stories. Producers Katie Bird Nolanand Lindsay Tapscott specialize in the hands-on creative development and production of character-driven narratives from a diverse slate of international filmmakers.

Project Details

Release Date April 1, 2020
Content Component(s) Webisodes, Website
Episode(s) 8 x 6-9 mins : 8 x 2 mins
Genre(s) Drama
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Youth
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Mental Health
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