Celebrate “10 Years of Stories that Move You” with TELUS Fund!

In 2023, TELUS Fund is celebrating “10 Years of Stories That Move You” with a showcase of funded projects, a national engagement tour, and an Event Support Program.

Watch TELUS Fund’s 10th Anniversary Sizzle Reel.

Funding Forward

Elizabeth Friesen, TELUS Fund Executive Director, will be hosting in-person workshops across Canada.
Are you passionate about creating content that can have a positive impact?

Sign up for a workshop to discover:

  • Well-being subjects in high demand with English audiences
  • Opportunities to maximize distribution of English well-being content worldwide
  • Findings from cutting edge research to measure and maximize positive impact
  • How to create a marketing plan for the English market, including best practices from actual case studies

New Event Support Program

An exciting opportunity for long-standing industry events taking place in 2023 with the potential to increase the discoverability of funded projects and/or stimulate the creation of more exceptional well-being content.


TELUS Fund is a not-for-profit corporation recognized by the CRTC in 2013 as a Certified Independent Production Fund eligible to administer contributions from TELUS Communications Company in support of Canadian content. Its mandate is to “finance exceptional content that promotes the well-being of people in their environment”. TELUS Fund is made possible with the success of TELUS Optik TV which now reaches over 1.27M subscribers across British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

TELUS Fund - 100+ Projects Funded $38M+ Funds Allocated 100M+ Views

TELUS Fund connects Canadian production companies to essential financing and customized tools to create content, build an audience, and positively impact the well-being of people.

Development Funding

Your story idea has already advanced to a treatment. Now you need financing to get ready for production.

Production Funding

Your project is production ready. Now you need financing to create the content and drive audiences.

Post-Launch Funding

Your project has already launched. Now you need financing to increase the reach and impact.

Stories for Caregivers

Stories for Caregivers is a TELUS Fund initiative produced by Peaceful Ronin Media designed to change the way Canadians think and feel about providing care. Their strategy is to generate awareness about caregiving through the creation of original web series that showcase the inspiring work of caregivers across Canada.

After achieving over 15 million views, Stories for Caregivers has been renewed for its fifth season!

Browse Stories for Caregivers series and episodes now.


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