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Mont Tétons

Actor Anick Lemay accompanies in a comforting manner five women being treated for breast cancer.

"What frightens the most, is the fear of the unknown. With Mont Tétons, I hope to demystify the beast and make the ascent easier." [Anick Lemay]

A synopsis often lacks feelings. Not this one because it’s me, Anick Lemay, who is writing it. I want to do some good and take those women who will come after me by the hand, to show them different routes. Because there will still be many others after me and I would like to give them a survival guide that’s true, delicate, honest and full of hope. With my sense of humour. Because without it… I don’t know how I could have climbed my MONT TÉTONS. Being diagnosed with cancer and what comes with it is tough, draining and tiring. And honestly, it hurts. If, with this documentary, I could at least answer a few questions, get some smiles and slow down the hamster wheel in the heads of a few women, I will have reached my goal. Showing paths that are not as steep as we think they are going up this darn mountain.

Blimp télé 2 inc

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Project Details

Release Date September 30, 2019
Content Component(s) TV One-Off
Episode(s) 1 X 60 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) French
Target Audience(s) Adults
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Clinical Care
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Jenny S1 & 2

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Josée Boudreault, plus forte que l’AVC

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This unique documentary sheds light on Josée Boudreault’s stroke she suffered in July 2016. With her strength of character, her positive attitude and her great resilience, we follow her in her life after the stroke. We will meet neurologists and other health specialists who will describe a stroke in plain words for us to get to know the different types, symptoms and prognosis. This story will let you maintain hope about the future.

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Maux Mystères

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In Maux Mystères (literally “Mystery Woe”, a play on the French name for word search puzzles), people who are told they have a rare disease, often obscure even for doctors, see their lives confined to an endless quest for the right diagnosis.

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