Digging In The Dirt

A documentary about the psychological costs of working in Alberta’s oil sands and the mental health crisis that’s been ignored for a decade.

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September 14, 2019

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TV One-Off


1 x 44 min



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Mental Health

As it’s structured now, the oil industry in Alberta depends on fly in/fly out workers. They eat and sleep in work camps while they’re on the job, returning home for a few days whenever a two or three weeks shift is over. Camp culture is bred of strain and exhaustion, loneliness and boredom. Physical isolation, limited facilities, and spotty internet mean that men in camp are cut off not only from their families but from other sources of encouragement, recreation and support.

Hyper-masculine industries like agriculture, forestry, and oil and gas, dominate Alberta’s economy, demanding that workers remain stoic in uncontrollable environments and under extreme stress. Meanwhile Alberta’s suicide rate consistently exceeds that of other Canadian provinces. Men in trades and industry are more likely to take their own lives than men in any other occupational group and incomplete information makes it difficult to take action where it matters most.

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