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Distraught patients recently diagnosed with STIs look back on how they contracted the disease and what they could have done to prevent the transmission.

Each episode of #STI begins with a doctor that informing an unseen patient that they have contracted an STI. The talk is brief and one-sided we don’t see the patient. Then, we’re taken back in time and into the patient’s life. Into their circle of friends and their relationships. Which specific moment did the infection occur? Which sex act? Which sexual partner? As the drama unfolds, there will be many misdirects that poke lighthearted fun at STI misconceptions. The drama reaches a natural conclusion with the real moment of contraction and reveal of our mystery patient. Before the credits roll we will return to the doctors office and wind back time to visually summarize the story, which misdirects are actually misconceptions? What did the other characters do in their sexual scenario to prevent an STI, and what should our patient have done to do the same?

Infectious Films Inc.

Convergent Entertainment is a Vancouver-based developer and producer of lifestyle, documentary, drama and factual programming for a worldwide market. With a solid history of production across a number of formats and genres, Convergent cherishes honesty in broadcasting and makes a commitment not to exploit people or situations for its own gains. We pride ourselves on ethical and responsible production.

Project Details

Release Date March 16, 2016
Content Component(s) Application, TV series, Website
Episode(s) 6 x 30 mins
Genre(s) Drama
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Youth
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Health Education, Mental Health, Sexual Health
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