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On parle de sexe

From the clitoris to consent, to porn, sexting and masturbation… ON PARLE DE SEXE (LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX).

Écho Média is extremely proud to offer tailored content to young Quebecers to answer their questions about sex. On parle de sexe offers them a respectful, inclusive and positive view on sexuality while raising awareness about their sexual health.

Bold, funny and relevant, ON PARLE DE SEXE is a 35-episode educational web series about sex that’s designed for teenagers. Each episode starts with the hilarious adventures starring a fictitious couple. Fun and folly are the icebreaker! Then, the Bon à savoir (Good to know) segment answers teens’ most frequently asked questions on the episode’s topic. Always relevant, sometimes explicit and often funny, this part of the episode is meant to be primarily educational. Lastly, testimonies of “old-young” 18 to 25 year-olds conclude the episode with their personal stories: they generously share their point of view, advice and experience on the subject. All the educational content of the web series is designed in collaboration with experts from Tel-Jeunes and takes an approach that will allow reaching Quebec teenagers.

Écho Média

A movie and television production company based in Montreal, Écho Média produces rich, inspired and entertaining content intended for a wide audience. Écho Média also works towards optimizing the broadcast of those productions on an array of conventional and digital platforms and to market them in the form of merchandize, live shows and various licences.

Project Details

Release Date September 12, 2018
Content Component(s) Game, Webisodes, Website
Episode(s) 35 x 5 mins
Genre(s) Other
Language(s) French
Target Audience(s) Youth
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Sexual Health
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