Ollie The Boy Who Became What He Ate - Superpower Food Day!

Ollie is the world’s pickiest eater, who when he finally takes a bite of his food, get’s food fueled superpowers – and in the end loves his food and saves the day!

Project Details

Release Date

February 18, 2017
Discoverability: August 1, 2019

Content Component(s)

TV series


11 X 4-30 min



Target Audience(s)


Health & Wellness Subject Area(s)

Health Education

Superpower Food Day is inspired by story-led learning that inspires kids, families and teachers about healthy food superpowers so kids can Superpower the future. Superpower Food Day is a free virtual event available across time zones to allow participants to login throughout the day and gives teachers private access to content throughout the week. Superpower Food Day kicked off with exclusive teacher-made free class activities focused on healthy eating, creativity and sustainability. Teachers were able to access the programming throughout the week to allow for flexibility in their schedule.Teachers were able to access teacher made content including storytime with the creator of ‘Ollie the Boy Who Became What He Ate’, a literacy lesson with a focus on story sequencing, three part health lesson plan, visual arts with a focus on integrated literacy, movement with yoga, pilates and meditation, learning about sustainability, and a dramatic arts improv lesson with Ivy Speech Arts Academy.

OEA (Canada) Limited

Ollie Club is home to all things Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate. The production company is expanding the reach and scope of Ollie to have positive engagement with families, teachers and children to inspire a story-led learning that brings the fun into healthy eating. The company has a joint venture with Boatrocker Media producing the TV series ‘Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate’, with 52 episodes x 11 minutes on CBC Kids and CBC Gem with over 6 million views and 600 airings. Over Covid, this show was one of the few that was doubled in airings programming by CBC Kids in the extended children’s viewing broadcast window. The show originated from a storybook, by author/creator Sheena Macrae, who is the CEO/Founder of the company. In additional there are educational resources that include teachers handbook, parent and child workbook and cookbook. Ollie Club has a website featuring tips and recipes and a growing social community.

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