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Mixed Match

A compelling character-driven documentary intended to help save lives by exploring how diversity and ethnicity play a critical role in multiethnic patient survival.

“A touching film. Mixed Match gives a human face to a critical need.” – Kip Fulbeck, author of Part Asian, 100% Hapa and Professor of Art, University of California, Santa Barbara

Mixed Match is an important human story told from the perspective of mixed race blood cancer patients who are forced to reflect on their multiracial identities and complex genetics as they struggle with a seemingly impossible search to find bone marrow donors, all while exploring what role race plays in medicine. With the multiracial community becoming one of the fastest growing demographics in North America, being mixed race is no longer just about an identity, it can be a matter of life and death.

Meditating Bunny Studio Inc.

Meditating Bunny Studio Inc. is an Emmy® nominated and Webby award winning animation and documentary production company. Founded in 2001 by filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns, the studio produces animated viral video ads and broadcast commercials for companies such as Sharpie, 3M and Post-it Note, as well as short and feature films like “What Are You Anyways?” (2005), Yellow Sticky Notes (2007), One Big Hapa Family (2010), Ode to a Post-it Note (2010), Yellow Sticky Notes | Canadian Anijam (2013) and Mixed Match (2016), The studio’s work has broadcast around the world, screened in hundreds of international film festivals and garnered over 40 awards.

Project Details

Release Date October 14, 2014
Content Component(s) TV One-Off, Website
Episode(s) 1 x 60 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Seniors, Youth
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Clinical Care
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