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Les Aventures du Pharmachien S1, 2, 3 & 4

Les aventures du Pharmachien is a documentary series that goes after mistruths and popular beliefs on health issues.

Les aventures du Pharmachien is a documentary series that goes after mistruths and popular beliefs on health issues. A fascinating and original world with a funny and incisive Pharmachien on a mission to show the difference between "the real and the whatever".

Les aventures du Pharmachien analyzes mistruths and popular beliefs on health issues with an incisive humour. Inspired by the successful blog of the same name, the series and its website address each week an issue raised by pharmacist Olivier Bernard a.k.a. the Pharmachien. Is there really a cure to autism? Should we include osteopathy with regular medical treatments? Should we be afraid of Lyme disease? These are the kinds of questions Olivier will try to answer using tests, caustic interviews and credible scientific studies to show the difference between “the real and the whatever” about health.


Created by the merger of DATSIT Studios, Sphere Media Plus, Go Films, Oasis Animation and Quiet Motion, DATSIT Sphere is a leader in the creation, adaptation, production and distribution of television and film content. Backed by a talented creative team, DATSIT Sphere generates a wide range of high-end content for the domestic and international markets, covering all genres, from documentaries to feature films, including scripted television series, dramatic serials, game shows, magazine programs, variety shows, 2D animation and digital projects. DATSIT Sphere has more than 250 permanent employees in its Montreal and Toronto offices.

Project Details

Release Date December 13, 2019
Content Component(s) TV series, Webisodes, Website
Episode(s) 13 x 30 min
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) French
Target Audience(s) All
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Health Education, Lifestyle Management, Nutrition
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