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I Am Still Your Child

Over half a million of Canada's front line mental health-care “workers” are less than 12 years old. Yet, nobody’s heard of them… And they’re left alone to cope with growing up with a parent who suffers from mental illness.

“It was her manic self. I had so much anger towards that person who wasn't my mom. And I didn't know how to deal with that because I felt really guilty about being angry at my mother.” - Jessy

Jessy, Sarah and Von are all familiar with the “ups and downs” of living with a parent who suffers from mental illness. This situation is extremely common (60% of Canadians with mental illness are parents) and there can be serious long-term repercussions. I’m Still Your Child immerses us in a bewildering, yet hopeful, world through the stories of three compelling subjects who have found ways to cope—and even thrive!

Catbird Films, Inc

Founded in Montreal in 2006 by independent producer Katarina Soukup, Catbird Productions makes documentaries and interactive media. Catbird’s recent award-winning titles include Lost Rivers (2012), Come Worry With Us! (2013), Burgundy Jazz (2013), Okpik’s Dream (2014), and A Time to Swim (2016).

Project Details

Release Date September 16, 2017
Content Component(s) TV One-Off, Webisodes, Website
Episode(s) 1 x 45 mins : 1 x 3 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) All
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Family Life, Mental Health
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