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House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu

Dr. Yvette Lu, a family physician, helps caregivers across Canada find practical solutions to improve their lives.

Join Dr. Yvette Lu as she helps caregivers find practical solutions to improve their lives.

House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu is a factual series that profiles caregivers across Canada and the challenges they face. Caregivers are people who care for family and friends with chronic health conditions, disabilities, and aging needs. They are usually unpaid, and they balance caregiving with paid work as well as personal commitments. Many have no experience in health care and the burden of caregiving can be significant. Each episode features a caregiver who identifies unique challenges. Dr. Yvette Lu, a family physician, then works with each caregiver to find practical solutions and implement changes to improve their lives. From a journey up a mountain to a field of goats, join Dr. Lu as she meets these inspiring caregivers and journeys with them to new frontiers.

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Project Details

Release Date November 9, 2017
Content Component(s) Webisodes
Episode(s) 6 x 8-10 mins
Genre(s) Reality
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Seniors
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Family Life, Health Education, Lifestyle Management, Mental Health, Nutrition, Physical Activity
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