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Caring For Those Who Care

Caring For Those Who Care is a documentary-style web series. Each episode spotlights a family caregiver, telling their story and rewarding them for all that they do.

“Caregivers give so much of their time and energy to others. We’re here to remind them of a practice that is equally as important – that of self care.”

We all know caregivers. They’re the people constantly working to ensure our lives are the best they can be, lifting us up when we’re feeling down. As they go the extra mile for us it’s important to remember they need care too. That’s where our series comes in!

Coordinating with The Caregiver Network and Huddol we’ve selected 8 caregivers to recognize and spotlight from across Canada. Each episode tells their story and details their caregiving journey, chronicling the daily battles and little victories along the way. We then reveal a surprise tailor-made for each caregiver to make their lives a little brighter.

We end on a call to action reminding caregivers of the importance of self-care, taking time for themselves and utilizing the resources available around them.

North of Now Films Inc.

North of Now is a creative production & digital consultant agency based out of Vancouver, BC and for the past three years has filmed ads all across North America.


Project Details

Release Date November 9, 2017
Content Component(s) Webisodes
Episode(s) 8 x 6 mins
Genre(s) Other
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Family Life
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