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Addiction: The Next Step

Transforming the conversation around addiction from shame and blame to compassion and support. A vital lifeline for loved ones when, where and how they need it.

“Now I understand why this kept happening with my son and is still happening with my husband. You will touch an incredible number of lives and give them hope.” - Barb, Manitoba

A lifeline for parents, partners and loved ones of those battling substance use.

At the core the Addiction Crisis Tool Kit, which puts a world-class, proven therapy directly into the hands of those who need it most: families and loved ones of those battling addiction. Built in collaboration with New York’s Center for Motivation and Change and with financial support from The TELUS Fund, the Crisis Tool Kit teaches how to communicate in a manner that motivates the substance user to change, while reducing family fear and stress. The Tool kit offers a range of scenarios. Click on one that sounds like your problem and begin an interactive journey of discovery that offers guidance when and where you need it. Dr. Jeff Foote and Dr. Carrie Wilkens, co-founders of the Center for Motivation and Change, deliver advice and practical tools in a warm empathetic tone that empowers families.

Bountiful Films

Unique Access. Strong Journalism. Riveting Storytelling. Since 2000, Bountiful Films has delivered documentaries that illuminate the most pressing issues of our times. To quote beloved author Carol Shields our work, “shortens the distance between what is privately felt and universally known.” Maureen@bountifulca

Project Details

Release Date December 15, 2015
Content Component(s) Curriculum, TV One-Off, Webisodes, Website
Episode(s) 1 x 60 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) English
Target Audience(s) Adults, Seniors, Youth
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Mental Health
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Living in HOpe

TV Series, Website

Behind every mental illness there is a person. Hear their stories. Witness the strength of the human character.

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Teens 101

Documentary, Webisodes, Website, Curriculum

A new way of reaching, informing and helping youth through the stresses and obstacles they may be facing in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. A 13 episode TV series, lesson plans, and mobile program combining expert advice and actual stories from young adults that experienced a variety of mental health issues including depression, peer pressure, body image, addiction, sexuality and bullying.

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Beyond the Spectrum

Documentary, Application

When their two-year-old son Oskar is diagnosed with autism, this busy family of seven drops everything for a year to focus on his therapy. In their surprising journey of discovery, they confront a critical question: What does unconditional love really mean?

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