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1000 jours

Jean Lemire and the crew of the oceanographic sailing vessel Sedna IV measure the extent of the consequences of global warming, first in the Canadian Arctic and then along the gigantic St-Lawrence river that they criss-cross, looking for whalers and migratory routes of the largest animal of all time, the blue whale.

For the third and last year of its mission, the Sedna IV has begun its journey back to its home port, the Magdalen Islands, which the vessel has reached after a detour in the Arctic. While there, Jean Lemire and his colleagues have measured the impact of environmental changes that took place since their first expedition twelve years ago, Mission Arctic. This return home will also bring them in several places along the St-Lawrence river and its gulf, an exceptional but fragile ecosystem that is changing very rapidly.

Glacialis Productions inc.

Glacialis is a film and television production company that specializes in natural science, environmental and cultural productions. Receiving numerous international awards, Glacialis productions are shown across the globe and reach everyone with their universal message.

Project Details

Release Date March 20, 2017
Content Component(s) Other, TV series, Virtual Reality, Webisodes, Website
Episode(s) 3 X 46 mins and 12 X 7 mins
Genre(s) Documentary
Language(s) French
Target Audience(s) All
Health & Wellness Subject Area(s) Environment
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