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Report - 01/07/2019

Annual Report 2017-2018

TELUS Fund has contributed over $22 million to projects that are broadening understanding of a range of health issues and helping Canadians cope with health challenges.


Report - 11/01/2017

Annual Report 2016-2017

The TELUS Fund finances the creation of exceptional content that promotes the health and well-being of Canadians. Over 95 submissions have received positive decisions valued at more than $17.5M since launching the Fund in 2013.


News - 12/07/2015

TELUS Fund commits $1.4 million to Canadian Production Companies
Seven More Multimedia Programs Funded to Inspire Healthy Living

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News - 09/10/2015

The TELUS Fund Awards $7.5 million to Canadian Production Companies. 33 Organizations Use Funding to Promote Health and Well-being of Canadians

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News - 07/24/2014

TELUS Fund advances more than $2 million to Canadian production companies. 14 organizations will use funding to create engaging multimedia content that inspires health living.

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News - 04/14/2014

TELUS Fund seeks multi-platform health and wellnss content. Successful applicants will receive funding to bring content to life.

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News - 08/13/2013

New TELUS fund to finance creation of digital and TV productions focused on promoting health and well-being

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