Discoverability Financing

Discoverability funding is available for exceptional health content that has achieved measured success (for example: the total number of attendees at live events, views of digital episodes, and Average Minute Audiences per episode is greater than 500,000 Canadians). This funding is intended to drive viewership, renew and refresh the Programming, and maintain the audience’s experience in Canada.

How to apply

Check eligibility

Use the checklist below to confirm your company and content are eligible, and review the Program Guidelines.

Check alignment

Curious whether your project is a fit for funding? Take a a few minutes to walk through the questions and resources in our alignment tool.

Request an invitation to apply

Your project is a fit and you’re ready to request an invitation? Terrific! Answer the questions in the alignment tool, then upload your project information (synopsis, team bios, financial structure), Expert Organization Support Forms, deal memos from Distribution Platforms and the Audience Development Preliminary Plan.

The Alignment Tool

The alignment tool is a fast and easy way to find out if your project is likely to receive financing. When you’re ready, return here to request an invitation to apply. It takes only a few minutes to complete.

We’d love to hear what you think of the wizard. Send us a message with your feedback.


The Eligible Applicant:

  • checkmark_1 is experienced in the business of producing professional media content and is headquartered in Canada
  • checkmark_1 is a for-profit taxable corporation (within the meaning of Canada’s Income Tax Act) Canadian-controlled (Sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act)
  • checkmark_1 owns sufficient copyright permissions to create and exploit the content worldwide on all platforms and devices for a minimum of 24 months
  • checkmark_1 has obtained support from at least one Expert Organization nationally recognized for its expertise and activities in the health subject area of the project
  • checkmark_1 has obtained at least one deal memo from a Distribution Platform with prior success on comparable projects

The Eligible Project:

  • checkmark_1 features the health subject in the central storyline and demonstrates the potential to promote the health and well-being of Canadians
  • checkmark_1 includes audiovisual content intended for viewing from beginning to end (e.g., television series, webseries)
  • checkmark_1 includes ample complementary content to help develop the audience and deepen his experience (e.g., short digital videos, learning resources)
  • checkmark_1 may include digital content with significant user interaction to progress the storyline (e.g., games, apps, complex website) provided it seamlessly relates to the audiovisual content
  • checkmark_1 spends at least 75% of the budget in Canada and achieves minimum Canadian content points, with appropriate exceptions for international ventures
  • checkmark_1 does not fall within the program categories of News, Reporting and Actualities, or Sports

What have we already funded?

Discover health content that has received support from TELUS Fund.

What is discoverability?

Explore our range of tools and resources to help define your project’s audience.
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