No application deadlines | The 2020-2021 TELUS Fund Program Guidelines are now available

Discoverability Financing

Discoverability funding is available for exceptional health content that has achieved measured success (for example: the total number of attendees at live events, views of digital episodes, and Average Minute Audiences per episode is greater than 500,000 Canadians). This funding is intended to continue driving viewership, renew and refresh the Programming, and maintain the audience’s experience in Canada.

No application deadlines

How to apply

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    Review the checklist below and the program guidelines:

  • FAQ

    Have questions? You will find answers to frequently asked questions here:

  • If your project meets the Minimum Support Requirements and you are requesting an invitation to apply, send to a brief project synopsis, proposed financial structure, short bios of key personnel and copies of written support obtained to date from Expert Organizations, Third Party Financiers and Distribution Platforms (see Minimum Support Requirements in the Program Guidelines).

  • TELUS Fund will confirm alignment of the project with the mandate and compliance with Minimum Support Requirements within 5-10 business days. Eligible projects will then be evaluated to determine their likelihood of receiving a positive funding decision from the Board of Directors. Those with high likelihood of success will receive an invitation from the Executive Director to submit a complete application. Those with low likelihood of success will not receive an invitation to apply and the process stops. The applicant can submit a new request only if the submission has progressed significantly.

  • The Board will convene decision calls as needed to render funding decisions on applications received by invitation with a high likelihood of success. If the Board declines, the process stops. The applicant may only reapply at a future date if the submission has materially advanced. Typically funding decisions will be rendered within 8-10 weeks depending on availability of the Board of Directors to convene a decision call. Positive funding decisions will have 90 days to meet the Fund’s due diligence requirements and enter into a long form financing agreement.

Applicant checklist

  • The Applicant is experienced in the business of producing professional media content,

  • headquartered in Canada,

  • a for-profit taxable corporation (within the meaning of Canada’s Income Tax Act),

  • Canadian-controlled (Sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act), and

  • the owner of sufficient copyright permissions to create and exploit the content.

Content checklist

  • The Content is story-driven and demonstrates the potential to entertain, engage and enlighten the health choices of Canadians,

  • includes a significant contribution from the Canadian independent production sector,

  • intends to achieve a minimum Canadian content points, with appropriate exceptions for international ventures,

  • includes support from an Expert Organization(s) committed to ensuring the highest standard in the treatment of the health issue

  • has obtained a commitment to transmit the Content to Canadians from Distribution Platform(s),

  • has obtained cash financing of at least 5% of the budget from Third Party Financer(s),

  • meets the definition of eligible program categories, except News, Reporting and Actualities, or Sports, and

  • does not include plans to create or enhance a platform for transmitting programming.