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Locker Room Doctor

A medical doctor / right wing grinder talking health & hockey

We are answering the questions you actually have. Not so much: Should I eat more Kale? More: Why am I peeing so often? What should I drink before and after a game? Is that rash something I should worry about? What’s the best way to play a 2 on 1? Should I have the blood-in-my-stool-test or a colonoscopy to screen for Colorectal Cancer?

We will build original content, show our famous whiteboard med school for the public, answer your questions (so send us your questions), and curate fantastic resources that are funny and evidence-based… Check us out and spread the word.

Project Details

Languages English
Target Audience Adults, Seniors
Health & Wellness Subject Area Health Education
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Fast Health

Brittlestar (Stewart Reynolds) is joined by men’s health experts and professionals to drive exotic cars and discuss the issues facing Canadian men and the strategies they can adopt to make positive change.

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Risk Factor

Risk Factor improves our ability to understand, analyze and respond to the short and long-term risks we all share, helping us to live safer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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Sweat the City

An interactive health and fitness series connecting the viewer with workouts, wearable technology, a mobile app and a website to chart progress.

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