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When should Applicants contact the Fund to discuss their Project proposal?

Applicants are encouraged to email with a brief project synopsis AFTER they have obtained required support documents from Expert Organizations and Distribution.

The program has not obtained a distribution deal letter. Can I still apply?

The Applicant may apply for financing to support early stage pre-development and development expenses.

Does the programming require confirmed distribution on platforms, channels or services owned by Canadians?

No. Applicants are not limited in their choice provided the platforms, channels, or services are accessible by Canadians.

Must the programming be available in both English and French in Canada?

No. However, programming that has obtained distribution commitments on platforms accessible by both English and French Canadians will be more competitive than those that have not.

Do I need a health expert attached to the project?

Yes. We will require the attachment of experts to ensure a high standard of accuracy, integrity, fairness and comprehensiveness in the projects’ treatment of the health and wellness subject matter.

What are the TELUS Fund’s credit requirements

The Fund relies on credit placement to raise awareness of its programs and stimulate more exceptional health and wellness content. Wherever the Applicant is credited in programming and promotion elements the Fund will expect comparable recognition. When the Fund is the largest financier we expect single card and prominent placement in programming and promotion elements.

Does the Fund have standard budget templates and business policies?

Not yet. Launched in 2013, the Fund’s templates and policies are still evolving. Wherever possible we align with and rely upon excellent templates and policies already developed by more mature Certified Independent Production Funds.

Can an Applicant apply with more than one application at the deadline?

Yes. The Applicant will be required to verify all potential projects are feasible and can be successful before selecting more than one application for funding.

Is there a maximum number of applications from the same Applicant?

No. The Applicant’s track record will be considered with each submission when verifying the potential project is feasible and can be successful.

If the submission is rejected may I reapply?

The Applicant may apply again provided there are material changes in the Project to better align with the evaluation criteria.

How many times may a project apply for funding?

There is no cap. However, with each submission the Fund will seek to ensure an increasing level of diversity in the financial structure with other sources sharing in the risk.

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