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Pre-development & development financing

Pre-development funding is available to undertake research on the subject matter and target audiences and develop the creative concept to story outlines.

Development funding is available to secure the project team, subject matter experts and financial sources; undertake further research on the subject matter and target audience; advance the creative materials; prepare pitch materials to aid in obtaining support; develop marketing and impact strategies; and prepare detailed implementation plans

Application deadlines

No Deadlines

Doors are open

How to apply

  • PDF

    Determine if the submission is eligible. Review the checklist below and the program guidelines:

  • Eligible submissions are encouraged to contact us at before submitting an application.

  • MSWord

    Submit your application form to

  • We will confirm eligibility within 5 business days. You will receive a funding decision within 8 to 10 weeks.

  • Positive funding decisions will have 90 days to meet our due diligence requirements and enter into a long form financing agreement.

Applicant checklist

  • The applicant is a Canadian company with a successful track-record in producing professional audiovisual programming and digital content.

  • The applicant owns sufficient copyright to develop, create and exploit the content.

  • The applicant has letters of support from national public and private organizations or experts recognized for their activities in the health subject area, as applicable.

  • The applicant has obtained letters of interest in developing the content from existing distribution channels or digital platforms accessible by Canadians. Not required in pre-development.

Content checklist

  • The content is story-driven and demonstrates the potential to entertain, engage and enlighten the health choices of Canadians.

  • The programming is intended to qualify as Canadian content, is not in the categories of News, Reporting and Actualities, or Sports, and will be transmitted to Canadian audiences in a linear fashion without audience interaction or customization.

  • The non-programming digital content includes story-driven video games, web content with interactivity or customization, applications, curriculum, eBooks and similar forms of non-programming digital content.

  • Requests for funding to create or enhance websites, platforms or channels to transmit programming are not eligible.

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